Window sills made of natural stone

For outdoor areas we recommend using granite window sills. They are robust and with proper care and maintenance remain free of stains caused by rain and irrigation water. In the interior the choice of material depends on the architecture and the living style. For that matter, the variety of shades and patterns of the available materials such as slate, basalt, granite, artificial stone or marble for a window sill made of natural stone is almost infinite.

custom-made window sills 

Alexander Paul Naturstein & Keramik manufactures window sills individually in different formats, even with polished or satined surfaces if requested. Especially our experience in installing jointless, large-size window sills is appreciated by builders and architects.

Needless to say, during the manufacturing process and the installation of the window sill we pay attention to the smallest details to ensure the best possible protection against humidity not only for the window sill itself but also for the facade.

Window sills made from granite, marble, slate or quartzite

Impressions of some of our works

Our plus for installing your window sill

  • Manufacturing of custom-made window sills 
  • Variety of formats and surfaces (polished, satined, etc.)
  • Installation of large-size, jointless window sills 
  • Little details can make all the difference: e.g. drip trays for window sills in outdoor areas to drain rainwater 
  • Advice on the correct impregnation and maintenance of the window sill

The most beautiful materials for your window sill

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