A modern kitchen serves as workplace and as living space. Alexander Paul Naturstein & Keramik ensures that your new worktop fits in harmoniously with the ambience of the kitchen and moreover is hygienic, easy-care and impervious to heat, water and mechanical stress.

A kitchen (almost) made for eternity 

Due to the high requirements for durability and robustness, materials such as granite, marble, slate and artificial stone composed of quartz material especially qualify for being used as worktops in the kitchen. However, marble and slate are more sensitive to acid, cuts, shocks and water splashes than granite.

Thanks to Engineered Stones almost all types of colouring of the kitchen worktops are possible. The pore-free surface prevents the ingress of liquids and the industrial production makes it possible to lay the precisely measured panels with different thicknesses and shades without deviations caused by nature.

Natural and Engineered Stone kitchen worktops

Impressions of some of our works

Our plus for installing worktops

  • Variable thickness: solid or thin workplate material
  • Measuring on site
  • Reliable implementation of special requests such as flush-mounted cooktops, back walls to the cooktop, backsplashes, polished cut-outs for sinks installed below the worktop, draining boards milled into the worktop, etc.

The advantages of natural stone in the kitchen

Particularly hygienic

Working on natural stone is very hygienic, since it has a very abrasion resistance. Thus, you can knead your dough or cut your fruit directly on the natural stone worktop.

Scratch-proof and cut-resistant

Kitchen worktops made of natural stone are absolutely scratch-proof and cut-resistant, which makes them the perfect surface to work on.


You can put even hot pots and pans onto your natural stone worktop, this is a great advantage over other materials.

Easy to clean

Worktops made of natural stone captivate not only with their natural and timeless beauty, but also with their ease of care.

The most beautiful materials for your worktop

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