Natural stone stairs & stair tiles 

Natural stone stairs are more than just a level-to-level connection. They emphazise the architecture of the house and can be seen as its showpiece. With the broad variety of possible materials, structures and colour shades the stairs furthermore fit in perfectly with your individual style.

Stairs made from natural stone: robust and elegant

Shimmering granite is hard and robust by nature. With specific treatment of the material such as satin finishing, brushing or flaming we can add aesthetic and functional characterstics to the surface like easy care and slip resistance. Fine-grained marble stairs fascinate by their elegance and their impressive design whereas slate, limestone or sandstone match a more modern ambience.

Regarding the style of the stairs there are virtually no limits to your imagination. Alexander Paul Naturstein & Keramik manufactures your preferred stair covering and installs it professionally, whether you choose stairs on concrete foundation or with a self-supporting structure, straight or spiral stairs, with curved or backlit steps, covered with stoneware or natural stone tiles – let your imagination run free!

Natural and Engineered Stone stairs

Impressions of some of our works

Our plus for installing your natural stone stairs

  • Variety of stairs: stairs made of plates or solid step, stairs with natural stone steps on a concrete foundation, self-supporting stairs with bolts and threads, side rail stairs, spiral stairs, curved stairs or backlit steps 

  • Professional guidance concerning the material, the surfaces (flamed, brushed, satin finished, etc.) and the construction in terms of maintenance, sure-footedness, walking comfort as well as slip and abrasion resistance 

The most beautiful materials for your stairs

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