Working & Living

Over the years, living and working environments have become blurred. You have the choice to work in your home office or in a café and sometimes, when it takes a bit longer, you live in your office. Natural stone, artificial stone and tiles create a fresh, cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Choosing the right covering for floors and stairs represents one of the central design decisions for many builders. In the private sector it forms the foundation for furnishing, in the business sector it underlines image and products.

In an office building or a shop, the ground is literally trampled underfoot every day. Being professionally laid, properly sealed and maintained, floor tiles made of natural stone and ceramics are just as robust as plastic or concrete floor coverings. Moreover, natural stone and ceramics may also add attractive accentuations to living space on the walls - whether as natural stone mosaics, as rustic natural stone panels or as backlit glass mosaics.

Depending on the usage, floor coverings in a living area, office, restaurant or shop must be robust, easy to maintain and clean. We will be glad to assist you in selecting suitable materials and provide you with proposals for the creative design of floors and walls with natural stone, tiles or mosaic. We look forward getting in contact with you!

Naturally living & working: floor covering and wall panels 

  • Tabletops and counters made of granite, marble, slate, ceramics or artificial stone  

  • Ceramic/stoneware or natural stone wall tiles

  • Stair tiles and stair treads 

  • Natural stone floor coverings (e.g. travertine, quartzite, slate, granite, marble) or ceramic tiles   

  • Mosaics made of ceramic tiles and glass tiles 

  • Wall cladding/wall panel made of natural stone, natural stone cladding, thin stone technique


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