Stucco Veneziano 

Even back in the ancient world, people showed their position in public life by having their walls designed in the elegant, vividly coloured and Mediterranean Stucco Veneziano technique. Our experts have more than fifteen years of experience in this exceptional handicraft they learned in Italy. This technique is more time-consuming than any conventionally painted wall, but the result is worth all the efforts and pays off nicely with impressing durability. 

Venetian spatula technique meant to last almost forever

Stucco Veneziano is a sparkling plaster based on limestone, which is impervious to humidity, resistant to mould, breathable and easy to clean. It is still only crafted by hand. The fossil oil-free mineral surfacer is applied to the wall or ceiling by means of a special tool in three to four layers with a total thickness of approximately one millimeter. Depending on the customer´s requirements the surface can be silk mat or in mirror finish, and can be coated with a protective and gloss intensifying wax layer in the last work step

Wall design with Stucco Veneziano

Impressions of some of our works

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