Spa und Wellness

Wellness temples, in which we squeeze a little peace and relaxation into everyday life, have become an indispensable part of our leisure time. Tiles for swimming pools, mosaics, reliefs and untreated stone prove their multi-facetted nature in a perfect feel-good atmosphere.  

The master tilers are unable to agree on what is actually the showcase of their trade. In our view, it is definitely the laying of tiles in pools and swimming pools. The forces of water, sun and cold acting on the walls demand high precision and expert knowledge when it comes to laying technique and material.  

Outside the pool, it´s not all about know-how! What matters is a great deal of imagination combined with a knack for design topics. Whether Mediterranean, oriental or tropical - by playing with swimming pool tiles, mosaics, reliefs and artificial rocks Alexander Paul Naturstein & Keramik creates unique experience environments for dreaming, relaxing and lingering.

Slip-resistant floor coverings, chemically resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and insensitive to moisture are a must in saunas, pools and spas. Trust in our many years of experience in the construction of pools and swimming pools. We would be pleased to personally present you our references.

Natural stone and ceramics around swimming pool,

sauna and pool    

  • Wall tiles made of ceramic/stoneware, natural stone tiles for wet areas

  • Natural stone floor coverings (e.g. travertine, quartzite, slate, granite, marble) or ceramics  

  • Ceramic tiles and borders for pool and swimming pool 

  • Mosaics made of ceramic tiles and glass tiles 

  • Wall cladding made of natural stone, wall panels in stone-like appearance, natural stone facing 

  • Artificial rock landscapes 

  • Tiling of benches, seats and resting areas


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