Garden & Landscaped Area

In the warm summer months, life moves outside the buildings. Garden, terrace and balcony are both calm focus and meeting place for family and friends. You can hardly find anything more harmonious than natural stone and ceramics seamlessly combining living space and nature. 

Ceramic tiles are supposed to be found in bathrooms, but not on terraces - one might think. But far from it! In terms of optics modern tiles are in no way inferior to a top-quality natural stone. Just believe us: modern print finishing provides for an incredible design variety. These days, it´s not a problem to build a porcelain stoneware terrace in natural stone or wood or to add perfect holiday flair by playing with Mediterranean motifs. 

However, despite all the innovative power in the field of ceramics, natural stone will certainly retain its place of honour in the outdoor area - whether as floor covering, wall covering, stair covering or as structuring element such as walls, rocks and garden paths.

Outdoor tiles and natural stone slabs must withstand frost, moisture and extreme temperature differences for many years. Moreover they need to be abrasion-proof, slip-resistant or even non-slip as possible. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable coverings for terraces, balconies and stairs.  

Design of gardens and outdoor facilities with ceramics

and natural stone  

  • Terrace and balcony flooring made of natural stone (e.g. travertine, quartzite, slate, granite, marble), artificial stone or ceramics  

  • Ceramic tiles and borders for outdoor pools 

  • Wall cladding made of natural stone, wall panels in stone-like appearance, natural stone facing for outdoor fireplace

  • Natural stone walls and artificial rocks 

  • Laying of garden paths made of natural stone and artificial tiles 

  • Stonemasonry work such as pool surrounds, door frames and stairs


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